Friday, January 25, 2013

pablo's week 10

yago's brief week

carmen's week week 10 term 2

The students have finished their exams and have done wonderfully.  I have seen so much growth from the students!  We have started our "B" books for all subjects and everyone dove right into the curriculum with great enthusiasm. 

Homework books will go home today. There is no homework assigned this weekend instead I would love your help at home with Math.  Children are learning a strategy for mental math.  It requires them to know their addition and subtraction facts for 10 really quickly.  I'm finding that many children are still counting on their fingers to figure this out.  An example would be 10-3=7 or 3+7=10.  I know they are able to do three digit addition and subtraction with a pencil and paper but they struggle with mental math facts for single digits.  At home, you can quiz them with all the possible combinations for 10.   Our Math strategy is adding 10 to a double digit number and then subtracting the difference of the addend.  For example, children are given a problem 67+9.  They would add 10 to 67 first and then subtract 1 from that answer.  This Math strategy will get more complicated as we finish this unit next week.  They will be expected to add and subtract three digit numbers mentally.  I would love your help at home reinforcing the concept we learned this week.  I know there are different ways to approach this style of math but reinforcement of the concepts we are learning at school are helpful to the children. 

Sunday, January 20, 2013

carmen's week

carmen's exams dates

21 Monday: English Exam (Grammar and Vocabulary)- 8:30-10:00 AM
22Tuesday: Math Exam (All items covered in Semester 1)-8:30-10:00 AM
23 Wednesday: Science Exam (All items covered in Semester 1)-8:30-9:15 AM