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pablo 4th week May

Year 1 International Weekly Information
W.A.L.T. (We Are Learning To):
Review Week
This week, we are reviewing for Semester Assessments 2. For English, Units 9 to 15 are covered on the exam. I will send home the review from the homework book. For Math, Units 10 to 17 are covered on the exam. For science, Units 8 – 14 are covered on the exam. We will be doing revision for the next two weeks to get ready for the exams. I will send home the review packets that we will be doing in class for homework.

Spelling – No more spelling words for the rest of the year. We will work on spelling bee words for the spelling bee and reviewing spelling words that students should know in first grade. 

Year 1 International Weekly Agenda Term 4 Week5
Date: 27th-31st, May.
Text book: Chinese Paradise 2A   
Learning Target: what day is today?
Communication subjects: talk about the seven days of a week.
Language point: What day is today?  (Jīntiān  xīngqī  jĭ?)
                              Today is Monday.  (Jīntiān  xīngqī  yī.)
                              What day is tomorrow?   (Míngtiān xīngqī jĭ?)
                              Tomorrow is Tuesday.    (Míngtiān xīngqī èr. )
                               What day was yesterday? (Zuótiān  xīngqī  jĭ?)
                              Yesterday was Sunday.  (Zuótiān  xīngqī tiān.) 
          New words: Monday (xīngqī  yī )  Tuesday (xīngqī èr)   Wednesday(xīngqī sān)   Thursday(xīngqī sì)   Friday(xīngqī wŭ)   Saturday(xīngqī liù)   Sunday(xīngqī tiān )   today(jīntiān)   tomorrow(míngtiān)    yesterday(zuótiān)
Chinese characters: how many
Chinese song: mò lì huā (Jasmine)

May 25 book fair
June 10-14 SA2 Exams
June 19 Swimming carnival

Kids are doing a great job learning their dance for the end of the year concert.
Students have been enjoying Mr. John coming to class to teach art and the kids have been producing some great artwork.
May 31 we are having an in school dance – something for the kids to look forward to.

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