Friday, October 26, 2012

Pablo week 11

Year 1 International Weekly Information

W.A.L.T. (We Are Learning To):

English-Unit 5 – Where do they live? Learn about our neighborhood and people who work in our neighborhood.
·      adjectives
·      verbs – do not and does not
·      pronouns – his, her, their, my,
·      letters w, y, s, and z
Math – Unit 6 Ordinal Numbers
·      name ordinal numbers 1st-10th
·      use ordinal numbers
·      name position using before, between, and after
·      use the words first and last
·      name positions from left to right
Science – Unit 5 Parts of an Animal
·      identify the parts of different animals

SOSE – Our Neighborhood- please write your address and have your child bring it to school on Monday. Thanks

Spelling Words
fun, sun, hug, bug, do, not, does, goes
Challenge Words
live, library, Tuesday, house, where

Upcoming Events
Halloween festival next Wednesday

Chinese Lesson Plans
1)    Learn three Chinese initials: ao  ou  iu and relative new words: mao(cat), shu bao(bag), gou(dog), gao lou( tall building), niu(cow), houzi(monkey).
2)    Review initials: ao  ou  iu and relative new Words:  chao cai (cook)  sao di(sweep floor)  xi shou(wash hands)  zou lu(walk)  zu qiu (soccer) niu nai(milk).
3)    Chinese songs: two tigers
4)    review

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