Tuesday, October 30, 2012

carmen week 11

Dear Parents,

This week was fun for both students and teachers.  On Wednesday, we went to Pegasus and made delicious pizzas.  On Friday, we participated in the walk-a-thon and had fun while exercising.  I think it was a great way to end a fun filled week.

Next week is Parent Teacher Interviews.  Each time slot is ten minutes long  We will be discussing how your child did this term and what their plan for next term is. During the interview, I will give you their Term 1 comments.  Please know that you are able to meet with me at a different time to discuss your child in more depth.  This interview doesn't need to be the only time we meet to discuss my comments.

Here are some things you can ask your child as preparation for the Parent Teacher Interviews:
1. Is there anything you would like to discuss with your teacher?
2.  Are there any questions you would like to ask your teacher?  Write them down if possible.
3. Is there anything you would like to share with your teacher? (Hobbies, family, interests, etc.)  Knowing this can be helpful in the teaching process.

Next week's Chinese lessons from our Chinese teacher Ms. Li-
Learning Subject: Learn daily communication language.
Language point:  Come in, please.
                               Sit down, please.
                               Quiet, please.
                                Look, please.
                               Hand up, please.
                              Sorry. --------that’s all right.
                              Thank you. ---------you are welcome.
Chinese character: 坐(sit)
Just a reminder, children should be at school before 8:30.  This is to ensure they have enough time to write down their homework and to get started on the warm-up activities.  The warm-up activites are usually a grammar exercise and a math review.

Next Wednesday is Halloween.  The school will be celebrating with an assembly in the morning.  If children have paid 50,000 VND they are able to wear a costume or an outfit of their choice.  There will be a costume contest and the winners will be announced during the assembly.  All of the money will be donated to a Children's hospital.  In our class, we will celebrate with a small party in the afternoon from 2:15 to 3:00.  Parents are welcome to come.  If students would like to bring a small treat that is fine.  There will be other small treats provided by me for the students to enjoy.

Thank You,
Ms. Janet



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