Sunday, November 11, 2012

pablo week 12

Year 1 International Weekly Information 12th- 12-16 NOV
W.A.L.T. (We Are Learning To):

English-Unit 6 Jobs People Do
·       name different jobs people do
·       tell the things people do in their jobs
·       use am, is, and are with the correct pronouns
·       read stories and answer questions about the stories
·       learn the beginning sounds of q, v, x and words that begin with each sound
Math – Unit 6 Ordinal Numbers
·       name ordinal numbers 1st-10th
·       use ordinal numbers to talk about position
·       name position using before, between, next to and after
·       use the words first and last
·       name positions from left to right
Science – Unit 6 – Plants
·       name the parts of a plant
·       look at the difference between different types of plants
·       look at the difference between leaves, seeds of fruits, and flowers
·       explain why plants are living things
SOSE – Jobs People Do
·       tell the different kinds of jobs people do
·       tell what they want to be when they grow up

Spelling Words
bin, win, fin, gun, fun, run, said, like
High Frequency words
said, like, on, am, are, is
Challenge Words
plants, November, Wednesday, school, teacher

Upcoming Events
Christmas Concert
Book Fair

Chinese Lesson Plans
Date: 12th-16th, Nov.
1.     Review Chinese initials: ai ei ui ao ou iu and relative spelling &reading exercise; Learn how to mark tones on Pinyin.
2.     Learn three new Chinese initials: ie üe er and relative spelling &reading exercise.
3.     Review Chinese initials: ie üe er and learn Chinese children’s song: two tigers.
4.     Learn two words: yŏu (have)and méi yŏu(don’t have);Learn to express sentences like: I have brothers; I have sisiters; I have book……etc.

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